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Do Your Good

Feb 14, 2022

Christy Boysen and Monique Kleinhuizen, CEO and CMO of Apex Legacy Consultants join me today to talk about their thoughtful and comprehensive approach to legacy planning by celebrating the passions and values of families and individuals, helping them leave a lasting impact on the world through charitable giving to the causes they care about.


Episode Highlights:

• Christy and Monique’s personal journeys that ignited their passion for legacy giving.

• What Apex Legacy does to help others leave behind an impactful legacy.

• Strategies to develop a successful giving strategy after you have passed on.

• How stories and words connect to charitable giving.

• Christy’s stories working with families and how it translated to giving to nonprofits.

• How to balance between a family’s desire to give to nonprofits and leaving behind an inheritance.

• Christy and Monique’s final words of advice.


Get the full show notes and more information here: