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Do Your Good

Jan 31, 2022

Joining me for this episode is Geneva Wiki, Yurok Tribal Member and Senior Program Manager of The California Endowment. Coming from a long lineage of leaders and activists who continuously fought for the rights and freedoms of Indigenous Americans, Geneva shares how she continues to follow in their footsteps through her storied journey into mainstream philanthropy. She will also speak about philanthropy in Indigenous communities and what communities can do to help them drive transformative change.


Episode Highlights:

• Geneva’s family background as part of a member of the Yurok people and how it plays an influential role in becoming the philanthropist she is today.

• The California Endowment’s grant-making strategy.

• How the philanthropy world can be more effective and supportive of Indigenous communities.

• Geneva’s words of wisdom and resources for philanthropists looking to better support Indigenous communities.


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