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Do Your Good

Dec 13, 2021

Sara Lowell, Marine Program Director and Trustee of The Marisla Foundation, joins me this week and I am excited for you all to listen to her discuss her special approach as a funder and the unique opportunities she had to navigate being a staffer at her family’s private foundation. Additionally, she’ll share special tips that will help you get as much money as you can out the door so your grantees can go out there and do their good work.


Episode Highlights:

• Sara’s early involvement in philanthropy and marine conservation.

• Marisla’s strategic approach of maintaining a slim staff while administering sizable grants.

• Pitfalls to avoid when applying an institutional low overhead model.

• How she helped nonprofits move the needle on issues by starting funder collaboratives.

• What she’s learned from being engaged with her family’s foundation, both as a family member and staffer.

• Her advice for fellow donors based on her years of experience as one.


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