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Do Your Good

Dec 6, 2021

Joining me this week is Heather Tuininga and she will share with us how she created SAFE, an alliance composed of philanthropists who work together to move the needle to fight exploitation in Washington State. In addition to this, she discusses how she evaluates priorities and success all the while navigating the unique dynamics that come with collaborating with groups from various fields of work. Don’t miss out on this illuminating conversation!


Episode Highlights:

• Heather’s call to philanthropy to serve as an instrument for noble purposes.

• About SAFE, a funder collaborative fighting exploitation in Washington State.

• How Heather maintains a collaborative atmosphere to ensure none of the nonprofits compete with each other.

• How Heather navigates working with funders given the various dynamics present in a collaborative.

• Implementing SAFE’s Alliance model in various other issue areas and geographical locations.

• Heather’s parting words of wisdom.


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