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Do Your Good

Oct 11, 2021

Joining me for this week is Tim Miller, and I am so excited for you all to listen to this conversation because of his multifaceted work as someone who helps run a foundation that supports climate change nonprofits while simultaneously serving as an entrepreneur who supports business directly impacted by climate change. This has opened him up to brand new insights that have proven to be invaluable in his efforts to combat climate change at a micro and macro level.


Episode Highlights:

• His beginnings in the philanthropy world as a consultant to organizations in the transportation and energy sector.

• How PECI was first formed and later on became a foundation.

• How he avoided the problem of creating a competitive environment amongst individual nonprofits by funding coalitions instead.

• The importance of fostering new and richer conversations by directly funding environmental justice organizations.

• His venture into climate capitalism through Climate Hawk Capital.


Get the full show notes and more information here: