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Do Your Good

Sep 27, 2021

Jim Kelly, Founder of Rejuvenation Hardware, is joining us to discuss his personal giving strategy as well as his journey to giving also through his business. As a self-described anomaly foundation, they take a non-traditional approach to philanthropy where they keep things small and nimble so they can maintain a clear vision and goal, and effectively focus their giving efforts towards issues related to his personal interests.


Episode Highlights:

• How Jim’s business got started and led him into the world of philanthropy.

• It’s okay to say ‘no’ so you can focus on the issue areas issues you truly care about.

• Similarities and differences between his personal giving strategy and the company’s.

• Why he finds it more fulfilling to actively go out into the field and get involved with others.

• His words of encouragement and caution for fellow donors.


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