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Do Your Good

Sep 20, 2021

I have the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Kirby, Founder of Do Good Better Consulting. With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit world under his belt, he’ll share with us his personal stories that have shaped him into the professional fundraiser he is today. He is a firm believer that donors and fundraisers should work with authenticity and purpose so that we can ‘Do Good Better’ every day.


Episode Highlights:

• Patrick’s transformational moment that led him to become a professional funder.

• The crucial importance of being authentic to your goals and mission.

• Ways nonprofit leaders can build better and more authentic relationships with their clients.

• His personal experiences as a fundraiser getting to know donors beyond their role as a donor.

• Nonprofits should find purpose in what they do and guide donors towards unlocking their own purpose as well

• The ultimate way nonprofits can articulate their impact to their donors.


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