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Do Your Good

Sep 13, 2021

For this week, I’m happy to be joined by Cristina Jorda Kinney, Director of Institutional Philanthropy at Action for the Climate Emergency. Originally working at the Hewlett Foundation, she has made the recent transition to become a full-time worker in the nonprofit world. As someone who has experience in both worlds, she’ll share with us her unique insights and perspectives so both donors and funders can maximize their effectiveness.


Episode Highlights:

• The rewards and challenges of shifting from foundation work to nonprofit work.

• The noticeable differences she’s felt now that she’s working on the other side.

• The things she was most proud of doing when she was at Hewlett and her recommendations for funders looking to make their grantees’ lives easier.

• The best form of information nonprofits can give to potential funders.

• How nonprofits can pierce through the funder bubble and reach out to funders in a meaningful manner.

• Why nonprofits and funders shouldn’t be afraid to engage in more discussions and conversations with each other.

• Her advice to fellow funders.


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