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Do Your Good

Aug 9, 2021

Funding multiple nonprofits and charities aren’t the only aspect of being a successful philanthropist. It’s important to go out into the field and engage grantees with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, unhealthy power dynamics between donors and grantees exist wherein the latter is viewed as an “other”, but it’s time to change that and work towards creating better connections for a better society. 

Lowell Weiss joins me this week to share with us his insights and realizations gathered from his two decades’ worth of experience as a donor consultant. Furthermore, he serves as the President of Cascade Philanthropy Advisors, where they aid donors who are seeking to make a deeper impact and achieve greater purpose and joy in their work. 

Tune into this episode to learn how you can evolve as a donor!


Episode Highlights:

• Lowell’s transition from White House speechwriter to donor consultant.

• Some of his favorite experiences working with donors.

• How can donors switch to a curiosity-based mindset and break out of the “Funder Bubble.”

• Creating a healthier dynamic between donors and grantees.

• His advice for donors who want to do better.


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