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Do Your Good

Mar 8, 2021

From organizations whose mission revolves around - animals, civil & human rights, community, creative expression, education, environment, health, and human services; Toni and Mahela will talk about the structure they created for people on how they can make an impact and give back to their community!


Episode Highlights:

• How Toni and Mahala got into the work that they are doing.

• What is Willamette Week's Give!Guide.

• Why you should consider donating to Give!Guide.

• What is a matching gift?

• Lesson learned from bringing nonprofits together and supporting their work.

• Tell your story and connect with others through it.

• How people can access Give!Guide.

• What it means to dive into philanthropy.

• Misconceptions around philanthropy.


Get the full show notes and more information here: