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Do Your Good

Jan 24, 2021

No matter how effective organizations are, it’s no secret that many struggle when it comes to raising funds. Lack of effective funding strategies hinders organizations from implementing their goals.

In this episode, you’re going to learn the best way to fund effective activism with power couple, Gregg and Sarah!

Sarah Jaynes is the Director of the Rural Democracy Initiative. She serves as a Senior Advisor to the Committee on States, coaching emerging donor alliances in states from Alaska to New Hampshire to Alabama. While Gregg Small is an experienced Executive Director who has directed many nonprofits and is currently serving as the Executive Director for Climate Solutions, a leading climate and clean energy nonprofit. 

Join us in this conversation as we talk about how to give your money away effectively to organizations that need it, what it’s like to support political organizations, and how to support them!


Episode Highlights:

• How to be an effective donor?

• What is (c)(3) and (c)(4)?

• How to give your money away effectively to organizations that are in need of it.

• Supporting political organizations

• Stories about Sarah and Greg’s philanthropic works.

• What got Sarah and Greg into the work they are now in.

• What inspires and motivates Sarah and Greg to continue doing their work.

• A day in the life of an executive director.


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