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Do Your Good

Jul 26, 2021

With such an array of indigenous communities in the United States alone, it's important that we as funders learn how to best give them many diverse opportunities. With a plethora of knowledge and first-hand experience, Jim Enote returns to share his knowledge and advice for funding these communities.



Jul 19, 2021

For this week's episode, I’ll be giving nonprofits professionals 5 key things that will help you raise money more effectively so you can better support the organizations you’re so passionate about. 


Episode Highlights:

• How to be relevant.

• How to be clear.

• How to be real.

• How to be...

Jul 12, 2021

Have a really big interest in an issue but you’re a bit too busy? Then you really should consider hiring someone to help give more purpose and effectiveness to your investments. In this episode, I want to share with you all the four best options you should consider when it comes to hiring an intermediary to help fund...

Jul 5, 2021

For today's episode, I have decided to invite Anupama Joshi to the show. Anupama is the executive director at the Blue Sky Funders Network, a network specifically designed for bringing funders together so they can collaborate and help important causes.


Episode Highlights:

• Anupama’s personal journey.

• How...